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IV Therapy

We want to make sure you’re taking all the right steps in your overall health journey. That is why we’ve included IV Vitamin Therapy. The benefits include increasing your energy levels, promoting faster weight loss, easing anxiety and promoting relaxation and much more.

Medical Weight Loss

Let us help you live your best life with weight loss. We provide the mental and physical wellness of weight loss. We use compound Semaglutide (also known as Wegovy) and compound Tirzepatide ( also known as Zepbound) to maximize your weight loss.

Mental Health

Life can be hard and mental health needs are urgently needed just as medical. Let us assist you on your mental health journey. Our mental health visits include diagnostic evaluation and medication management.

Hormone Therapy

Obtain optimal performance and health with testosterone. Testosterone decreases with age in EVERY man affecting mind, body, and libido. Let us improve your overall well and stop the symptoms of low T.

Who We Are

100 % Natural

The purpose of Lake Effect Healing is to provide mental wellness. We offer mental health services, medical weight loss management, and hormonal therapy. Our services are personalized for our patients’ needs to feel better. We are dedicated to assisting you with your physical, emotional, and mental health. Our office is located in Michigan City, IN and we are available via telehealth in the following states IN, IA, VA, and VT.


Do You Have Questions?

Let us help you feel better and assist you with your wellness and balance of health. Feel mentally better and empowered. We offer personalized care by experienced medical personnel with products only sourced from FDA approved pharmacies. If your tired of traditional care and are looking where they put clients first, Lake Effect Healing is the right choice.

Joining the subscriptions locks you into a set price. It offers you inside information on sales, discounts, and new services being offered.

No. We provide specialty services to improve your overall wellness to feel better. You will need to continue with your current primary provider to complete your preventative care such as mammograms, pap smears, and much more. We are able to share records with your primary provider at your request.

Yes! You may schedule your appointment online through the website. If you have any questions or want a consultation, we offer 15min phone call appointments to assist in your final decision of service.

Yes. Some of our services are covered by insurance. Please call or complete a consult appointment to see if your service will be covered. 

Yes. You are welcome to use the laboratory of your choice. However, insurance may or may not cover the labs.


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